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Assessment Literacy – FREE Video Course

assessment literacy course

Quality Assessment Systems

Comprehensive, balanced, and quality assessment systems have the potential to support the teaching and learning process.

What Does Assessment Literacy Mean?

Assessment literacy means the teacher’s understanding of the fundamental assessment concepts and procedures that can influence educational decisions.

Providing teachers with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to be assessment literate is one piece to educational excellence.  

Why I have Launched This Course

That’s why I have launched this video course and made it FREE for all educators to help them understand a handful of measurement concepts and procedures so that they can apply them properly to make sound instructional decisions and improve the quality of education that their students receive.

What Does the Course Tackle?

The assessment literacy course is a three-video course. The first video tackles the basic assessment concepts, the second talks about the three main forms of assessment and the third video gives some details on the steps of the assessment process.

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